Pia Frerejean

Pia Tilly- Frèrejean

Office Manager

P   +31 (0)20 567 52 62
E   frerejean@catalystadvisors.nl

Pia Frerejean

Together with Joseph Krant and Herman van Everdingen, Pia stood at the cradle of Catalyst. Before Catalyst, Pia worked for 15 years as Assistant to Joseph Krant, at that time the CEO of Kempen & Co. For the last three years she combined this job with being head of Corporate Communication of Dexia Bank, the Netherlands. The diverse, enthusiastic, and highly dedicated team makes every day good fun and challenging. At Catalyst, Pia is responsible for the daily course of events, amongst this administration, ICT, and whatever is needed to support the teams.

In the weekends, Pia likes to make long distance walks, enjoying city and nature, preparing culinary dinners for family and friends and exploring new holiday destinations.